2015 DREME Summer Internship Application

D.R.E.M.E. Science Literacy Foundation has internship opportunities for university, minority students, majoring in the following engineering disciplines: 

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Computer Science
Manufacturing Engineering
Software Engineering

Engineering Technology, Computer Technology, and Technology majors are ineligible.

You must submit an official college transcript that shows the following:
Current Enrollment ~ You must be currently enrolled
Student Classification ~ Sophomores (no less than 60 completed hours); Juniors (no more than 90 completed hours)
Grade Point Average ~ 3.00 GPA or greater

This is a paid internship with focus in Oil and Gas and Hydro Power. This internship will be located at a Houston or surrounding area company, for the latter part of May 2016 through early August 2016, exact dates will be determined at the interview.

Applications must be submitted by Monday, December 7, 2015; however qualified applications will be sent to the company as received. Thus, the sooner a qualified application and transcript are received and reviewed by D.R.E.M.E. Science Literacy Foundation the sooner the available openings will be filled.

After the application has been sent to the company, that company’s representative will contact you for an interview. 

All transcripts must be postmarked by Monday, December 7, 2015 and mailed to:

D.R.E.M.E. Foundation
Post Office Box 580568
Houston, Texas 77258-0568

Be sure to complete ALL of the information before you submit the application, as it will not allow you to go back and edit the application after you have submitted it.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 4. Phone Number

* 5. Email Address

* 6. University Name

* 7. Academic Major

* 8. Academic Grade Point Average (GPA)

* 9. List all student organizations that you are an ACTIVE participant.

* 10. When working on a team, what role do you usually take? Why?

* 11. Interacting with others can be challenging at times. Tell us about the greatest difficulty you faced when working with new people? How did you handle the situation?

* 12. Tell us about a time when your supervisor was not satisfied with the quality of your work. What actions did you take to improve your work output?

* 13. Describe for us a situation when you failed to meet a deadline. What things did you fail to do? What did you learn?

* 14. What is the most important step you take to work effectively with people of varying interest or different backgrounds?

* 15. Tell us about a situation where you made a mistake. How did you handle the mistake and what was the resolution?

* 16. Tell us of a time when you had to take initiative to develop an innovative project to achieve better results.

* 17. Tell us about a situation in which you were required to analyze and solve a complex problem.

* 18. In 100 words or less, make a complete statement that describes what you add to an organization, how you add value and what is unique about what you offer.