For part of my IT class, I am looking at the above question. The data collected will be processed into info-graphics (images with information). All the data will be stored securely, on a private USB, and it is anonymous. The survey is only for students
1) I understand how the data I provide is being used
2) I understand how it is being stored
3) I am doing this survey by choice
4) I understand that this survey is of no benefit to me
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* 1. Gender

* 2. Do you like to read and/or write in your spare time?

* 3. With English based tests, what do you generally get?

* 4. Do you complete your homework tasks? Do you revise over your notes?

* 5. OPTIONAL- In your opinion, does reading and/or writing help students do better at school?

* 6. He/She/His/Hers are examples of…?

* 7. A verb is a word used to name things?

* 8. Which sentence/s uses a semicolon (;) correctly?

* 9. 'Five frogs had fun' is an example of…?

* 10. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog contains…?