340B Collaboration Summit - Covered Entity Survey

CBI will be hosting the industry's first Closed-Door Collaboration Summit at the 340B Manufacturer Summit this August in Washington, DC. The goal of this summit it to bring together both manufacturers and covered entities to discuss innovative methods to work together under the 340B program.

As a valued 340B covered entity, CBI kindly requests your insight on topics you feel should be discussed or questions you have for manufacturers which will be used as a guide for our Summit discussion. Please answer any of the below three questions to help foster collaborative discussion between 340B stakeholders this summer. 

Question Title

* 1. What topics do you feel are most critical to discuss at the the 340B Closed Door Collaboration Summit this year?

Question Title

* 2. As a covered entity, what is your greatest challenge when working with 340B manufacturers?

Question Title

* 3. As a covered entity, are there any specific questions you have for 340B manufacturers as a group?