T-REX is a project funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme ( ). It involves 11 partners overall. The project aims at developing:
• new, usage-oriented business models in capital goods industries, where what is sold is the access, functions and outcomes of a product rather than the ownership; “);
• methods and tools to implement them in the service engineering, product design and fleet operations and maintenance areas
This survey aims to investigate the business priorities and the service business development of European firms competing in capital goods industries and to highlight benefits and obstacles to the adoption of service-based business models.
A report of the survey results will be provided to all respondents, as well as updates on the following steps and results of the T-REX project. .
The survey has been prepared by University of Brescia (Italy), with the collaboration of IK4-Tekniker (Spain), Fraunhofer IAO (Germany) and Predict (France).

The survey structure is based on business model Canvas (see Figure below).
A specific set of question will be asked for each building block in the following pages.

This survey is mainly addressed to Service and Sales Managers: please don't hesitate to involve any other colleagues wherever necessary.
You can fill in the survey in different steps: during the compilation you can exit and re-enter using the same link.
In order to save your answers, please be sure that you have completed all the questions presented in a page

Compilation estimated time: 20 min.

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The survey will be presented in anonymous format.
Data provided will be used only for research purpose by research insitutes involved in T-Rex project (
This resarch may results in pubblications in journals or conference proceedings.

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