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This survey will assist researchers investigating barriers to pork testicle consumption. Thank you for your interest and time.These results will NOT be published.

1. Do you NOT consume pork products for a particular reason? Check all that apply.

  Yes No Unsure
Lack of preparation skills

2. Have you eaten pork testicles

3. If you have eaten or prepared pork testicles, please share the dish ingredients and/or preparation methods (to the best of your ability).

4. Would you eat pork testicles knowingly

5. If pork testicles were mixed with other ingredients and not easily identified, would you eat pork testicles?

6. Do you find the thought of eating pork testicles repulsive? If yes, why? If no, why?

7. Your place of residence

8. Age

9. Household Income [USD$]

10. What is your gender