In the following questions the NEWS UPDATE and ICID NEWS are together referred to as the Newsletters

* 1. Do you read the Newsletters, either online or as the e-mail?

* 2. With how many others do you share your hard copy of the Newsletters?

* 3. Which of the following phrases best describe how you use the Newsletters?

* 4. Please give your overall impressions of the two Newsletters by stating the extent to which you agree or disagree to the following statements.

  Agree Disagree
i. The Newsletters arrive when I need
ii. Range of topics covered is just right
iii. I find the level of information in the articles just right
iv. There is always something of interest in the Newsletters
v. Satisfied with the overall layout of the Newsletters
vi. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Newsletters

* 5. Would you prefer to combine (merge) the NEWS UPDATE and ICID NEWS into one?

* 6. If YES, which of these names you would like for the combine (merged) ICID periodical?

* 7. How do you rate your overall level of satisfaction with the information published?

* 8. What additional information would you expect to see in the Newsletter?

* 9. Would you like to see advertisers catalogue?

* 10. To which areas you would like to contribute to the ICID communication efforts?