1. MNMAN General Survey

The purpose of this survey is to get an overall indication of male involvement in ending sexual and domestic violence.

For the purposes of this survey, involvement is defined as men taking action to stop violence by organizing and/or participating in community/programmatic events designed to end sexual and domestic violence (e.g. Kiwanis fund raiser for sexual assault center, volunteering at local battered woman’s program, membership on board of directors of an advocacy program, participating in a workshop, march, or luncheon, etc).

For the purpose of this survey, "community" can mean both a community based on residency or location and/or a community based on ethnicity or a common history.

* 1. Please provide your best estimate of the NUMBER of different men that had low, medium, and high levels of involvement in the COMMUNITY and/or CAMPUS within the past year, to end sexual and/or domestic violence.

* 2. Over the past several years, do you think the level of male involvement in ending sexual and/or domestic violence in your community and/or campus.

  Increased Decreased Stayed the Same

* 3. Please select all the activities men have been involved with in your COMMUNITY and/or CAMPUS:

* 4. Please select all the events you believe are effective in engaging men in further involvement to end sexual and domestic violence.

* 5. Please provide any additional comments or observations about men's involvement in ending sexual and/or domestic violence.

* 6. Please identify your gender.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Please click the DONE button when finished.