Project title: Chronic health conditions in adulthood: what do psychologists know?

What is the study about?
The study aims to understand how psychologists understand chronic health conditions in adulthood. The study will involve completing an anonymous online survey, consisting of questions relating to your knowledge of chronic health conditions and associated non-pharmacological interventions, along with the type of training you have undertaken.

Do I have to participate?
No. Your participation is completely voluntary. If you decide not to participate in the study, that is completely up to you and will not affect your relationship with the University of South Australia.

What does participation involve and are there risks?
If you decide that you would like to participate in this study, we will ask you to complete an online survey (via Survey Monkey). The survey should take around 15-30 minutes to complete. We will collect demographic information (e.g., age and gender) and ask questions related to your knowledge of chronic health conditions in adulthood. At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you would like to go into a draw to win 1 of 10 x $50 gift cards. The winners of the gift cards will be drawn at the completion of the data collection period, approximately at the end of September 2021.

It is not anticipated that there are any risks to participation in this study beyond those encountered during everyday life. However, the survey may trigger upsetting or uncomfortable memories and experiences regarding your potential exposure to chronic health conditions via yourself or those you know. If you do feel the need to speak to someone, please contact the following support service:

What will happen to the information collected?
We will store all digital data on our Cognitive Ageing and Impairment Neurosciences (CAIN) laboratory server RM C1-41. The CAIN laboratory is only accessible to specific university staff and students. All data will be stored for five years. Your information will be used for the purpose of this study and your details will not be able to be individually identified.

You don’t need to enter any personal information such as your name and address, if you do not want to; although you will need to enter a name along with an email address and/or phone number if you would like to go into a draw for a gift card. Identifiable details required for the prize draw will be separated from the survey responses so as to ensure that the survey remains anonymous.

The researcher will take every care to remove any identifying material from the responses you provide as early as possible. Likewise, individuals' responses will be kept confidential by the researcher and participants will not be identified in the reporting of the research. No information which could lead to the identification of any individual will be released, unless as required by law. However, the researcher cannot guarantee the confidentiality or anonymity of material transferred by email or the internet.