Please tell us about your self-guided visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This brief survey will help us ensure the best possible experience for educators and their students.

After a few questions about your visit, there is an optional 'sign up' for a random draw (after the first 100 completed surveys are submitted) for a FREE Teacher Workshop!

* 1. When your group arrived, were you welcomed appropriately and checked-in efficiently?

* 2. Did you use MFAH resources and/or your own materials to prepare for your visit?

* 3. Which MFAH resources, if any, do you recall were helpful to prepare students before their visit OR to build upon their visit once back in the classroom?

  Yes No N/A
Logistical Information
MFAH Campus Map
Museum Guidelines
Anticipation Guide
Become an Art Expert
Practice Looking at Art
Show Us Your Work
Art-to-Go Lending Library
MFAH Publications
Teaching with Art web site
Hearst Foundation Evenings for Educator
Learning Through Art Curriculum/Teacher Workshop
Making the Most of Your Self-Guided Visit Teacher Workshop
Other Teacher Workshop

* 4. What did your students do during your visit?

* 5. Did you and other educators or chaperones feel successful in guiding your students in the galleries?

* 6. How long did you spend in the galleries during your visit?

* 7. Please provide the following information.

* 8. If you would like to be entered for the draw for a FREE Teacher Workshop - available to those who submit one of the first 100 completed surveys - we ask for the following information.