Fees and Refunds

1. A processing fee of TT$150.00 is payable upon application for a Statement on Recognition.

2. Processing fees are not refundable. A partial refund of 50% may be granted if the Council determines that there is insufficient information to issue a statement within sixty (60) days.

Processing Time

3. The standard processing time for an application for a Statement on Recognition is a minimum of ten (10) working days. A Statement on Recognition may be issued before the ten (10) working day period.

4. Processing time commences on the date that all information and relevant documents have been submitted by the applicant, and/or received from the institution where the qualification is/was awarded. 

Required Documents

5. The following original documents must be presented where the qualification has already been awarded:
  • Original certificate of the qualification
  • Original final transcript in cases where the field of study is not stated on the original certificate of qualification
  • Official English translation of documents as detailed in paragraph 7 (as necessary)
  • Deed Poll, Marriage Certificate or Decree Absolute or the legal equivalent in the applicant’s country of origin (as necessary)
6. The applicant will be held solely responsible for the accuracy of all information contained in the application form for a Statement on Recognition, including the spelling of names of institutions and qualifications, dates and addresses. Inaccurate information may result in delays in processing the application, for which the Council shall not be responsible.

Translation of Documents

7. For qualifications not awarded in the English language, key documents must be translated by the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT). Where COSTAATT is unable to provide translation services, the Council may accept translations from other bodies recognised by the Council.

8. Titles of foreign qualifications should not be translated.

Verification of Documents

9. The Council maintains the right to request proof of authenticity of documents from the applicant and/or to contact external sources for verification of the authenticity of any document submitted. In accordance with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, fraudulent documents may be referred to the Fraud Squad Office of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for further investigation. 

Issuing the Statement

10. Statements on Recognition may be issued to any member of the public, including prospective students, graduates and employers, with respect to the recognition status of foreign, transnational and local institutions and programmes. Such Statements on Recognition will not be specific to the identity of any individual.

11. Statements on Recognition will be issued to the applicant or to his/her duly authorised representative upon verification of identity.

12. Statements on Recognition may be requested by a duly authorised third party (e.g. guardian, relative or employer) and issued to the third party upon presentation of written authorisation from the applicant and verification of identity.

Question Title

* 1. I have read, understood and agree to all the Terms and Conditions listed in this application for a Statement on Recognition from The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago.