Dear Pastor,

The Mid-America Region is working to become more deeply engaged in mission. One way of accomplishing this was the creation of the Mission & Ministry (M&M) Council, which is focused on coordinating mission across the Mid-America Region. As the M&M Council begins its work we would love to hear what your congregation is doing in mission! By sharing your mission story, you can help us identify new ideas and inspire others as we all unite together in service to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The information you provide below will allow the region to better promote your congregation on our website and identify congregations undertaking similar mission work whose leaders we need to connect with each other.

Thank you in advance for your response and for all the mission and ministry you do!


Dr. Norma Ellington-Twitty and Rev. Beau Underwood, MissionĀ & Ministry Council Co-Chairs

* 1. What are the top three areas of mission for your congregation?

* 2. What ministries (if any) have you ceased because of funding or volunteer limitations?

* 3. What mission opportunities do you see but would need funding/volunteers to pursue?

* 4. What ways (if any) do you partner with other congregations in mission?

* 5. Please enter your name

* 6. Please enter your phone number

* 7. Please enter your email address

* 8. Please enter your congregation's Mission Contact Person, his/her phone number, and his/her email address.