Your views about the academy are important to us.
We are interested to know what you think is good about the academy, as well as anything that you would like to be improved.

If you cannot answer a question please leave it blank.

* 1. Please type in your name, your teaching group and your form group.

* 2. I am happy to come to the academy.

* 3. I learn a lot in lessons

* 4. The academy helps me to do as well as I can.

* 5. I know how well I am doing at the academy.

* 6. Adults in the academy explain to me how to improve my work.

* 7. How would you describe the quality of the teaching that you have had in Year 11 across all of your subjects?

* 8. Teaching at this academy helps me to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics.

* 9. Behaviour is good during breaks and lunchtimes.

* 10. Behaviour is good in lessons.

* 11. The academy deals with all types of bullying very well.

* 12. I feel safe when I am at the academy.

* 13. Teachers are interested in my views.

* 14. Who was your mentor?

* 15. Did you find your mentoring sessions useful?

* 16. If you mentored a KS3 student, please give your views about this process below.

* 17. How much school work do you do out of school a week on average?

* 18. If you do complete school work at home what type is it? Please tick all that apply

* 19. Do you feel that the careers advice you were given at the academy was..

* 20. What is your opinion on the report you received in January about your effort, attainment and progress in your subjects?

* 21. How would you describe your experience of learning mathematics at The Axholme Academy?

* 22. What mathematics courses are you intending to study at college next year?

* 23. Are you or have you been part of the VENN group?

* 24. Did you find being part of the VENN group helped you to achieve better grades? Please explain.

* 25. What resources have you used to revise for your English exams?