Participant Information Sheet

Study Title: Partner attractiveness across the menstrual cycle
The purpose of this study is to look into the changes in partner attractiveness across the menstrual cycle, including partner’s physical attractiveness, partner satisfaction and measure of socio sexuality (likeliness to cheat). This study involves an online questionnaire that should be repeated two weeks after the first stage of the study. The questionnaire may contain some sensitive questions but you have the right to withdraw at any point in the study without explanation. It is a voluntary study and you have the right to ask that any data you have supplied be withdrawn/destroyed in a reasonable time scale. If you wish to know the findings of the overall study they will be given on request. There are no benefits or risks to taking part in this study and all the information provided is kept completely confidential and no one will be able to link the data provided back to you.
The research is organised by Carolyn Felton who is final year undergraduate student at the University of Sunderland, Department of Psychology. This project is not externally funded.
A departmental subcommittee of the University of Sunderland Research Ethics Committee has reviewed and approved the study.

Contact for further information
Carolyn Felton

Helen Driscoll
Phone: 0191 515 3436
Dr Robert Pullen (Chairperson of the University of Sunderland Research Ethics Committee)
Phone: 0191 515 2609

* 1. I give consent to participate in this study