Business Continuity Instructions

This form is meant to serve as a Guideline for the continuation or disposition of the Business named above in the event of the death or incapacity of the Owner listed above. Please fill in all spaces below and sign and date the form below.

* 1. Please enter Your

* 2. MANAGEMENT. In the event of my death or incapacity, the following people are to be given responsibility to continue and to supervise these activities

* 3. Other immediate management concerns

* 4. Disposition of Business. Upon my death or total incapacity lasting 180 days or longer, my wishes as of the date of my signature on this document for the disposition of the company (assuming unencumbered by any superceding Buy-Sell Agreement) are that the company should be (rank in order of preference):

* 5. Please indicate which specific Employee(s) or Family Member(s) you would prefer in above question.

* 6. ADVISORY TEAM. In the Scenario I have chosen above, please consult the following professional Advisors:

* 7. PROSPECTIVE BUYERS. If "Sale to Outside Third Party" selected above, or as a backup plan if insider buyers cannot / will not buy, below are names of people/companies that have expressed interest or whom I believe may be interested in acquiring the company.

* 8. MAJOR CHALLENGES & POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS. Recommendations for future management

* 9. By typing my name below I certify that I am the Owner names above and I have completed this form personally and am not under duress at the time of the signing.

* 10. Date and Time of Signature

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