* 1. Are you a San Diego area resident? Anything from Tijuana to San Clemente and anywhere in between.

* 2. If yes, in what area of San Diego do you live?

* 5. Have you ever been to a live soccer game in the United States? Does not have to be professional.

* 6. Do you know any soccer teams/clubs in San Diego? If yes, please name one or more.

* 7. Have you ever been to any live soccer games in San Diego? If yes, please specify what game(s).

* 8. What is the highest level team that exists in San Diego according to the United States Soccer League System?

* 9. At what level of the American Soccer League System would you stop being interested in following/attending games of a San Diego area team?

* 10. Would you support the construction of a soccer specific stadium (~20,000 seats) for an MLS team in San Diego? If yes where would you like to see the stadium built? If no, why not?