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I have run The Property Voice Podcast for over a year now and I thought it time to get a little bit of feedback from you if you could help with that.

The show had an original format as a Series linking a number of central themes in each episode under a central theme. The first series tackled some of the foundations in property investment, whilst the second series looked at the various cycles in property, with a third series planned for a month or so on creative financing in property. Each episode contained three main segments: Property Chatter, the main content, Your Voice, which showcased some of your questions and other contributions and finally the Shout Out, which gave tools and resource recommendations.

In between series we have had two types of format.

Initially, we had the Musings episodes, which retained the 3 main segments (Property Chatter, Your Voice & Shout Out), however, the theme of the episode was not always linked to a central theme as it is within a series - they were more random if you like. These were typically 30-45 minutes long.

More recently, we have had the Soundbites episodes, which only had the Property Chatter segment, but are otherwise similar to the idea of a Musings episode...only shorter at around 15-30 minutes typically.

Finally, we have three types of contributor to the show:
Myself of course as 'The Property Voice' (Richard Brown)
Initially, a 'virtual co-host' called Casa
Various guests under the description of 'Subject Matter Experts' specialists in their field rather than everyday investors.

That's the context your opinion, please :)

Richard Brown a.k.a The Property Voice

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