Welcome to the quality of life among international students survey

Dear student,
You are invited to participate in the research project described below.
International students have to make a number of personal, social and environmental changes upon arrival in Australia. Acculturative stress is a reaction to the process of confronting challenges in cross-cultural exchange settings.
All international students are invited to complete an online questionnaire, which will measure the level of acculturative and life stress, social supports, resilience and quality of life.
The findings of the survey may be used to inform the University on developing further supports for international students.

The survey will take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. Participation in this survey is voluntary. Completion of the survey will imply consent.

Should you choose not to participate in the survey you studies at the University of Adelaide will not be affected.
A feedback session will be arranged once the data has been analysed and an invitation to the session will be provided by email. The invitation by email will only be provided to those who leave their email address at the end of the survey. Please be assured that no student identifying information would be include in the feedback

Kind regards,
Dr. Lynette Cusack, on behalf of the research team
Adelaide Nursing School
University of Adelaide

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