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1. Please give your basic demographic information.

2. Please indicate your interest in playing each type of consort music on recorders.

  I can't stand this! I rarely enjoy this I sometimes enjoy this I often enjoy this I love this! N/A
Medieval - 12th and 13th c.
Medieval - 14th c.
Early Renaissance - 15th c.
Renaissance - 16th c.
Early Baroque - 17th c.
Baroque - 18th Century c.
Classical - Late 18th Century c.
Romantic - 19th c.
Modern - Neo Baroque
Modern - Ragtime, Swing, and Latin
Modern - Tonal
Modern - Atonal and/or Avante Garde

3. How comfortable are you playing . . .?

  Hate it Can do it in a pinch Fairly comfortable Very comfortable I love it N/A
Soprano in C
Alto in G
Alto in F
Tenor in C
Bassett in G
Bassett in F
Great Bass in C
Contra Bass in F

4. What is your experience using recorders with renaissance fingerings?

  Never played Tried once or twice Played at a workshop Play several times a year Own and play regularly

5. Would you be willing to learn renaissance fingering in order to play renaissance consort music on renaissance recorders?

  No, it's too confusing Yes, but I am a beginner at this Yes, and I have some experience Yes, and I am fairly familiar with it Yes, and I own my own renaissance instrument/s