* 1. Age

* 2. Gender

* 3. How often do you see panhandlers?

* 4. If you do see panhandlers... where (geographically) do you see them? For example: Downtown... HWY 69 exit

* 5. Have you ever given to a panhandler?

* 6. If yes... How often do you give to a person who is panhandling?

* 7. When/if you were to give to a panhandler which of the following methods would or do you prefer to give by?

* 8. What do you think a panhandler is most likely to spend the money on that they get from panhandling?

* 9. Which of the following on a sign influences you most on whether you give or not?

* 10. Which gender of a panhandler are you more likely to give to?

* 11. Which age group are you most likely to give to?

* 12. How much money do you think an average panhandler makes on any given day?

* 13. What is your greatest concern/fear in considering to give to a panhandler?

* 14. Do you believe those who give to panhandlers enables them?

* 15. What do you believe is the cause for someone to panhandle?

* 16. Please check off what phrase's best describes your response to panhandlers?

* 17. Email address - if you would like to receive results of the surveys.

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