The Menominee Area Public School District has a reputation of providing a quality educational experience for our students.  Our talented teachers and staff meet and exceed the expectations of our community and as a result our students continue to excel both during and after their time in the Menominee Area Public Schools.

To continue that reputation and be long-term fiscally responsible to the taxpayers the School Board put forth a referendum on
May 5, 2020.  The referendum was based on the recommendation of an entirely citizen-driven Facility Improvement Taskforce (no administrators; no School Board members) that reviewed many aspects of the school district operation, toured all the schools, studied what student learning environments look like for 21st Century learning, and finally, looked at school district funding and potential project financing options.

As you may be aware, the referendum failed approximately 45%-55%.  During the period of time between the School Board adapting the referendum and election day, COVID-19 changed everything in our lives including a State mandated ‘Safer-At-Home’ order that drastically altered how we could communicate the referendum issues and the manner in which people voted.  Unfortunately, none of the issues identified by the taskforce can be addressed as a result. 

Understanding that a school district is a direct reflection of the community it serves, the School District continues to be committed to a strategy and direction forward that reflects the priorities of the taxpayers and meets the needs of our
students and community.  Therefore, we need to hear your voice about how to continue forward.

Please note, this survey is anonymous and all responses are completely confidential

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