Baltimore Ski Club Trips Survey

* 1. Select the top three Western resorts you would be interested in skiing over the next two
ski seasons.
Please select only three.

* 2. Please note your top week long (Sun-Fri) Eastern resort you would be interested in skiing next season and beyond. Please select only 2

* 3. If interested in a week end bus trip OR car pool please select your top Eastern week end destination ( 2 or 3 days) you would be interested in skiing next season. Please select only 2

* 4. If available how much more per person are you willing to pay for premium ski-in / ski-out lodging ?

* 5. What do you prefer hotel or condo accomadations ?

* 6. When possible do you prefer having breakfast built in and included on the trip ?

* 7. Do you enjoy and participate in group events & dinners that are included on the trip ?

* 8. How many BSC trips have you been on in the last 2 years ?

* 9. Are you a Baltimore Ski Club Member and how long ?

* 10. Along with other trips do you enjoy returning to "tried & true" club favorite destinations on a yearly or every other year or so basis ? Example - Snowmass, CO.