The Board of Directors of Our Lady of Angels Retirement Home is generating a vision and strategic plan for our senior living facility.  As part of this process, we need to develop a full and clear-eyed understanding of our current position and the most critical challenges to our future viability.

For this, we need your help. You have been chosen to complete this survey because of your relationship with OLA. Through your experiences, you have first-hand knowledge of the institution’s operations. Your opinion and assessments are crucial to our strategic planning.

This survey is aimed at understanding OLA’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Staff, and Culture. 

Your candid insight is most appreciated. Please know that this survey is anonymous and no attempt will be made to connect any survey with its author. 

Thank you for participating in our survey on Our Lady of Angels Retirement Home.

To be included this tally, please submit your responses by June 19.

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