Brother II Brother

Thank you for your interest in the Brother II Brother Program. Please answer each question thoughtfully and completely.

Thank you

* 1. Date of Birth

* 2. Name (Last,First)

* 3. WCU Student ID#

* 4. WCU Email:

* 5. Cell #:

* 6. Why do you want to be an Academic Ambassador in the Brother II Brother Program?

* 7. Please list any previous community or campus involvement, and the number of years you participated.

* 8. If selected as an Academic Ambassador, please describe how you would increase your students' potential for academic success.

* 9. What support or resources would you need to be successful as an Academic Ambassador?

* 10. What do you hope to gain from this experience?

* 11. What do you hope your students will gain from this experience?

* 12. What do you like to do in your spare time? (watch movies, video games, sports, tv, etc.)

* 13. Are you employed?

* 14. If yes, how many hours do you work per week.

* 15. How would you describe yourself?