The Difference Between Custom Coins and Challenge Coins

You are probably aware of the fact that nowadays, we can customize pretty much anything as long as you find the right professional to do this. Coins are no exception to the rule. In the last few years, more and more companies and organizations have invested money in custom coins which they used for all sorts of special events. If you want to make such an investment as well, we first recommend you to do some additional reading on the difference between custom coins and challenge coins as people tend to often confuse these two types of coins. If you want to make the right choice for your company and for the type of event that you are celebrating, then you should learn more about the difference between custom coins and challenge coins. By reading more on the subject, you will understand that there are differences in terms of:

·         Purpose

·         Tradition

·         Intended use

So, in simpler words, the big difference between custom coins and challenge coins is that custom coins are used as mementos, especially by organizations that want to commemorate special events and they can also be used to serve as promotional items; challenge coins are mainly used by service organizations to denote membership and it is also a challenge coin that carries a valued tradition. If you are interested in gathering more details on how custom coins have been used in the past, we have a few examples to share. For example, Walmart ordered custom coins to give to their veteran employees, while Gibson Guitars uses coins embedded in the back of their custom guitars. Custom coins are also very popular among dignitaries and have been used by many people to commemorate weddings, event anniversaries and even memorial services.

A challenge coin is used by membership organizations; as a member of such an organization, you are expected to carry the coin all the time. A fun way to use the challenge coin is, for example, at a bar. You can challenge other members to show you the challenge coin; if they don’t have it with them, then they are the ones who have to pay for the drinks.

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