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We want to share the message that the kindest thing we can do to protect our Elders and keep our loved ones safe is to stay home and keep physical distance from people outside our homes. 

Help us promote Social Solidarity across the NWT as we try to slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the territory. 

It’s Simple:
Send in a Selfie with a Sign.
Take a selfie holding a sign with a message asking community members to stay home to protect our Elders or a similar message related to keeping at least 2 meters away from others to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Feel free to make up your own reason why you want people to stay home or use one of the suggestions below.

• Use this form to submit your image
• If you are able, share it also in your own Social Media (Instagram, Facebook) with the hashtags #stayhome #staysafe #protectourelders

Submitted Images will be shared across the NWT on social media on Facebook, Instagram along with the messages of other northerners!

Together, we can send a message loud and clear to our communities that NOW is the time to be physically separated, so that we can come together with our Elders in good health again soon.

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