Practice for your NHD experience

Below are some common scenarios of NHD judging. Select the best response given the situation-- and don't laugh at the answer choices, they are real comments we have seen!

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* 1. The theme is: Triumph and Tragedy in History

Student A's project is about Child Labor. Here is the student's thesis:
"The brave industrial workers triumphed and made child labor illegal after seeing the tragic working conditions."

Which is the best comment to give Student A?

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* 2. As you go through Student B's project, you notice the below statements:

"The rally caused many changes in society. That is why it is remembered so well."

"There was not a good response from the Mayor."

"Disagreements about what should happen next caused a lot of frenzy."

Which comment would be most valuable for Student B?

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* 3. You are interviewing Student C about their project and realize they are sharing more about their topic than what is in their project. For example, Student C's thesis is: 
"The transcontinental railroad transformed the United States for the better."

When you ask Student C about why their topic matters in history, their response is:
"The railroad was the most important thing that could ever increase America's economy. By trading and transporting good across the county, America was able to boost production and distribution. I learned a lot about this in William Cronon's book."

Which comment would be most helpful for Student C?

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* 4. What are the essentials of a strong thesis statement? (select all that apply)

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* 5. Student D struggled with the first two broad questions you asked about their topic and favorite sources. Should you: