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Samarco (pp.2-5)
Our sustainability context (pp.8-9)
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (pp.10-11)
Sustainability at a glance (pp.12-13)
Managing our responsibility for people's safety (pp.14-16)
Contributing to local and national economies and beyond (pp.17-19)
Climate change: Building and managing a resilient portfolio (pp.20-25)
Operating with ethics and integrity (pp.26-29)
Responsibly managing and enabling a resilient environment (pp.30-35)
Actively supporting communities (pp.36-40)
Engaging with Indigenous Peoples (pp.41-45)
Realising and respecting human rights (pp.46-49)
Leading inclusion and diversity (pp.50-53)
Addressing potential health impacts (pp.54-56)
Appendix - Data (pp.58-63)

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