NUIG Family Study Space Initial Interest Survey

We are gathering information from both undergraduate and postgraduate students on their interest in and perceived need for a study space in which parents would be able to work while their children read or played in the same room.  All children would need to be supervised at all times, but we envision that toys and books would be available in the space. 

In order to progress with this concept, we need to gather a critical mass of interest from students.  By completing this survey as fully as possible you can help us understand if such a space would be of benefit to our student body. 

There is an option to include your email at the end of the survey if you wish to be kept informed on the progress of this initiative, including invitation to meetings with stakeholders when they are arranged. 

Below is a link to a short write-up on a similar space recently opened in the University of Glasgow Library.

Sincere thanks for your time in completing this survey.

Devon Goodwin
Postgraduate Research Representative
College or Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies
National University of Ireland