After Festival Survey

Thanks for coming to this year's Big Horn Mountain Festival! We’re glad you came and hope you enjoyed yourself. We could use a little information from you to keep you informed about future festivals, and to help us make this a better festival.

* 1. May we contact you?

* 2. Contact Information:

* 3. Did you visit the downtown areas in Buffalo or Sheridan during your visit (Please select all that apply)?

* 4. Did you reserve a motel room in Buffalo or Sheridan during your visit?

* 5. How did you find out about us, or if a long time attendee keep current on us? (Please select all that apply.)

* 6. Did printed material or radio ads cause you to go to the festival website?

* 7. How was your Festival experience affected by Longmire Days?

* 8. Artists you would like to see or return to the Festival in the future:

* 9. Other Comments and Suggestions?

Thank You for Coming ~ We Hope to See You Next Year!