* 1. Please give an overall rating to the 04.26.13 Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning Day:

* 2. If you were describing the 04.26.13 Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning Day to a Wagner colleague, what one word or phrase would you use to explain the purpose of attending?

* 3. Rate the sessions that you attended today on the following scale:

  Not helpful to me Helpful and somewhat interesting Very helpful and interesting Excellent and just what I needed
Morning Presentations and Panel Discussion
Wagner Case Studies
Afternoon Workshops

* 4. Which afternoon workshop did you attend? How could this workshop have been improved?

* 5. What one teaching innovation, technology tool, or learning insight will you consider pedagogically incorporating into your teaching? How so?

* 6. What suggestions do you have for future teaching & learning workshops? What is your next-step learning need?