We are delighted to announce a new date for a free training workshop for advocacy providers aimed at promoting supportive decision making and enabling care homes residents to have more of a say in decisions about their own finances. The workshops will be very interactive with the opportunity for discussion and consider how advocacy including IMCAs can be involved in these decisions. Relevant case studies and practical examples are used to bring the Act to life and enable participants to apply it to their everyday practice. We will also take a brief look at how the Care Act will be opening up access to advocacy, specifically within care reviews.

The workshops will cover the following:

• Identify the importance of residents being able to purchase support that would enhance their quality of life.
• Understand how residents can purchase advocacy to support them on long term or day-to-day decisions.
• Analyse how the Mental Capacity Act, supported decision making/best interests can address financial abuse.
• Understand how in particular the Mental Capacity Act applies to financial decision-making.

Please note that all workshops will take place at Irwin Mitchell offices and we will send the link the Leeds office once you book.