A short survey regarding Brickhill Parish Council

This is a short survey for Brickhill Residents regarding the support, advice and/or your opinion of the Brickhill Parish Council. We ask that you only complete this survey if you live in the Brickhill area.

* 1. Do you live in the Brickhill, Bedford area?

* 2. How well would you rate Brickhill Parish Council in their support concerning local issues?

* 3. Of the following actions 'supported' by the Brickhill Parish Council, which do you feel the Council actively supported and were proactive in that support?

  Supported Attempted some Support No Support N/A
Refurbishment of local parades in the Brickhill area?
Parking provision on the Brickhill Hill Drive parade?
Support/advice given to the Campaign to keep the Bird in Hand pub open?
Support/advice given to the keeping the Post Office open on the Brickhill Drive Parade?
Support/advice/result in dealing with the £500 contribution from Tesco?
Support/advice for the Campaign against Tesco from opening a new Express store on Brickhill Drive?
Support/advice for local objectors to the licensing application and licensing hearing enabling Tesco to become a third off licence in a small residential area?
Support/advice regarding the wording and presentation of the 1st petition which was directed at Tesco rather than Bedford Borough Council?
Support/advice/guidance regarding information, decision and enforcement of the restrictive covenants on the property of the former Bird In Hand Pub.

* 4. If you were to vote tomorrow for keeping a local Parish Council, would you vote Yes or No?

* 5. Following on from the question above, would you rather request the resignation of council members in order to obtain a by-election and/or vote to replace council members with others more in tune with what the residents and area needs?

* 6. Please provide any comments you wish to share regarding the Brickhill Parish Council and how you feel they have benefited our community or not as the case may be.