The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) will implement a first-responder model of Crisis Intervention as a component of Baltimore City’s Behavioral Health and Crisis Response Systems. The department will identify (1) Strategies for de-escalating crises and connecting individuals to community resources that provide appropriate service; (2) Appropriate use of hospital emergency services only after less restrictive alternatives have been considered; (3) Opportunities for diversion from the criminal justice system; (4) Methods for addressing the long-term needs of individuals and families in order to provide for the least police-involved response. The purpose of these policies is to provide guidance for members to adequately respond to persons experiencing Behavioral Health Disabilities or in Crisis. The Second- Year Monitoring Plan calls for public comments on these proposed policies. In combination with the Department of Justice and the Monitoring Team, BPD will consider these public comments before the policies are finalized. The comment period is open through June 1, 2019.