Skokie Voice Economic Development Survey

The Skokie Voice Residents’ Association will present its Community Forum on Economic Development on Wednesday, Feb. 22 at Oakton Community Center.

(For complete details about the forum click here.)

Please assist Skokie Voice in formulating questions for the panel-discussion segment of the forum by completing the survey below.

All responses are anonymous and confidential.

* 1. Are you a Skokie

* 2. Do you do the majority of your shopping and dining out in Skokie?

* 3. In what surrounding suburbs do you shop/dine?
What shops, restaurants and/or malls attract you to those destinations?

* 4. From 1 to 4, with #1 being the most frequent, rate how often you
visit the following shopping and dining destinations in Skokie:

  1 2 3 4
Downtown Skokie
Dempster Street
Old Orchard/Shops at Orchard Place
Village Crossing

* 5. What can Village government do to help attract and keep businesses
in Skokie, and what types of businesses should it try to attract?

* 6. If you own a business in Skokie or have ever considered doing so,
rate your experience with Village departments and officials:

* 7. Please comment on any issue(s) related to economic development in Skokie not covered above.

Thank you for taking the Skokie Voice survey on economic development!