Odyssey Works 2012 Pre-application

Welcome to the first step in becoming a participant in an Odyssey Works production!

Odyssey Works makes large scale, durational, interdisciplinary performances customized for one-person audiences. In 2012, we will be making performances in New York (June 23-24), San Francisco (August 25-26), and Austin, TX (over New Years 2012-2013). These productions are generally at least twenty-four hours long, involve about a dozen artists working in different disciplines, and the participant’s (that’s you!) friends and family. Most past participants consider it a life-changing experience. The performances are also free as our 2012 season is grant and donation-funded.

In order for Odyssey Works to consider making a performance for you we will need to know a few things about you first. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. These ten questions will help us to screen applicants before we send you the full questionnaire, which is a good deal longer and will involve a more in-depth set of questions. *Please be sure check your email inbox and spam folder over the next week or so for a response from Odyssey Works*

* 1. What is your name and email address?

* 2. What is your date and place of birth?

* 3. What is your current place of residence and how long have you have lived there?

* 4. What is your occupation?

* 5. Describe your favorite/least favorite place in the town/city where you currently live.

* 6. Describe, briefly, a recent experience of art that moved or changed you in some way. (200 words max)

* 7. We customize our work to each participant, however, an Odyssey is an intense experience, and will last at least twenty-four hours (with some sleeping time usually included) and involve a fair amount of travel – on foot or by some sort of mechanized transport. Are you okay with this? And do you have any physical conditions that might hinder your participation? If so, please respond in some detail.

* 8. To make a performance for you it generally helps for us to be able to speak with some (not all) of your friends and family and, possibly, to enlist their help. If you are offered an Odyssey, would you be willing and able to put us in touch with at least ten friends and family?

* 9. Will you be available:

* 10. How did you hear about Odyssey Works?