* 1. Northern Virginia (NOVA) is working on developing a new comm theory course and wants to update the name of our specialization. We need your support for these before they can be placed in the VCCS Master List of Courses.

* 2. What is your name and institution?

* 3. George Mason University requires a communication theory (COMM 200) for all comm majors before they can take the required foundations 300- level courses. Because our transfer students lack this course, we are keeping them from their junior-level comm courses. NOVA's Terry Doyle is offering this course at GMU now and is willing to develop and teach it for NOVA this next year. GMU has been asking us to offer this for several years.

* 4. Please approve a change the name of the specialization from A.A. Liberal Arts / Speech Communication to / Communication Studies

AA-Liberal Arts / Speech Communication at Northern Virginia.

(See http://courses.vccs.edu/programs/search?find=speech)

* 5. Many, many thanks for your help and support. Nan Peck (npeck@nvcc.edu)