Now that Phase I of the CH4E temporary traffic safety treatments are in place, please take a few moments to tell us what you think!

* 1. Since August 1st, how has your use of streets in historic College Hill changed?

  More than before About the same Less than before
I've stopped to say Hi or chat:
When driving, I've been careful and within the posted speed limit:
I, or a family member played in the street:
I've left the car at home:
I found the street environment safe and inviting:
I've walked:
I've biked:

* 2. For Phase II (later this Fall), what College Hill streets or intersections do you think need improvements to address safety concerns, or to enhance quality of life?  Please list all that apply.

* 3. Based on your observations, how beneficial have each of these treatments been?  (See photos)  "Beneficial" includes slower traffic speeds, more careful driving, reduced stop sign running, increased yielding to pedestrians and bicyclists, reduced traffic noise, increased comfort for pedestrians, enhanced visual appeal, improved quality of life, etc.  Please rate.

  Very beneficial Somewhat beneficial Hard to tell Somewhat detrimental Very detrimental
A) Median islands for safer pedestrian crossing and slower traffic (Carr/Mendenhall and Rankin/Mendenhall intersections)
B) Murals in parking lane & intersection (Rankin/Mendenhall intersection)
C) Stencil-art crosswalks (McGee/Mendenhall and Carr/Mendenhall intersections)
D) Step-by-step demo for installing pavers in planting strip (in front of 303 S. Mendenhall)
E) Sailboat themed parklet/school bus stop, with shade and seating (Carr/Mendenhall intersection)
F) Reclaimed parking spaces, for safer intersection operation (Carr at Mendenhall)
G) "Woonerf" or play street (McGee, west of Mendenhall)
H) Reclaimed excess lane for use by people (purple area on Walker at Mendenhall intersection)
I) Temporary roundabout (Walker/Mendenhall intersection, 7/31 to noon on 8/2 only)
J) Chicanes and lane-shift (Mendenhall between Walker and Morehead)

* 4. To what extent do you feel these Phase I treatments fit with the culture and aspirations of historic College Hill?

* 5. What would you change about the Phase I treatments described in Question 3?

* 6. Did you attend College Hill's National Night Out celebration on August 1st?  Please choose one:

* 7. What other comments or feedback would you like to provide?