Public Meeting 1 - Survey Questions

* 1. Which best describes your relationship to the Fairview Avenue Corridor?

* 2. How often do you travel along the Fairview Avenue Corridor?

* 3. How concerned are you about the following transportation topics within the study area?

  Not Concerned Somewhat Concerned Concerned Very Concerned
Safety/Number of Crashes
Congestion (long delays)
Lack of turning lanes
Ease of access to home or businesses
Pedestrian/Bicycle Connectivity
Need for roadway lighting

* 4. Do you or your family currently walk or cycle along Fairview Avenue

* 5. Would you use a bicycle regularly along the corridor if dedicated bike lanes were added to the roadway?

* 6. How much impact would a raised median & left-turn restrictions have on your usage of the corridor?

* 7. How favorable are you to the use of roundabouts?

* 8. Please indicate which intersections within the corridor you find most uncomfortable (and why) when using Fairview Avenue?

* 9. Please select your preferred option: