Thank you so much for your feedback!

Milo and Molly is in the process of growing and changing, and I need some help to figure out the best direction for my brand.  This totally anonymous survey is designed to help me see how people view Milo and Molly.

* 1. What is it that I do?

* 2. How would you describe what my business is to a friend?

* 3. What is my personality?

* 4. How do you most often see what's happening with Milo and Molly?

* 5. Is there a product that I do not currently offer that you think I should?

* 6. Is there any other way you think I should try and expand my business?

* 7. Are you more likely to shop with me online or in person?

* 8. Can you explain your preferred shopping method in question 7 (convenience, selection, etc.)

* 9. What is my overall business style?

* 10. Would you recommend my products to a friend?