Welcome to the Drum Showroom 2017 Listener Survey.

Thank you for listening to me. Now I'd like to listen to you. This 10-question survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. I appreciate you spending your time helping improve the show. 

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1. About Dan Radin
2. Emily Colt Radin, singer-songwriter
3. Brandon Paluzzi, Drum Gear Geek, DW Thin Aluminum
4. Donny Gruendler, Musicians Institute
5. Fred Beato, Beato Bags
6. Rich Redmond, Jason Aldean
7. Josh Allen, INDe Drum Lab
8. Dan's appearance on Curse of the Marketer
9. Drummer's Weekly Groovecast, Phil Smith and Jon Chalden
10. Aaron Comess, Spin Doctors, Joan Osborne
11. John DeChristopher, Zildjian
12 & 13. Kenny Sharretts, Drum Tech
14. Carter McLean, Lion King, Charlie Hunter
15 & 16. Nick Jones, Noble & Cooley
17. Drummer Cars with Jim Garrett

* 4. What does Drum Showroom do really well?

* 5. Which parts of Drum Showroom do you dislike? Are there parts you skip?

* 6. Please rank the types of guests you would like Drum Showroom to feature in 2018. (you can drag these or set values using the drop-down menus) 1 = most, 6= least

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* 8. Would you be interested in gear reviews?

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