Alumni Reconnection Page -- Share your Memories with Us!

Dear Alumni, 

The Boys and Girls Club of Durham (formerly Eastview Boys and Girls Club) has been around since 1963 and we are putting together a digital yearbook to celebrate our Alumni. With your permission, we would like to share your story and accomplishments. We hope you will take a few minutes to fill out this short survey so we can get to know you better. Our yearbook will feature former club members from our club's 54 year history.

PHOTOS! (That was then, this is NOW!)
We hope you will consider dusting off the photo albums and scan a photo of you at the Boys and Girls Club or the age of you when you attended the club, plus a current photo. These photos will be put in a yearbook alongside your bio. Emails can be sent to

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* 8. How did you hear about our Alumni Reconnection initiative? (Staff, Social Media, Business card, other)

* 9. What year(s) did you attend the Boys and Girls Club of Durham? (Formerly Eastview Boys and Girls Club)    

* 10. What was your favourite thing to do at the Boys and Girls Club?

* 11. What was your favourite snack?

* 12. Tell us about you now .. 

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