1. Cloudworks evaluation survey

* 1. When did you first register with Cloudworks?

* 2. If you are completing this questionnaire after using it at an event, how much did you visit Cloudworks before the event?

* 3. How much did you use Cloudworks during the event?

* 4. How well do you think Cloudworks has supported the event?

* 5. What other types of social networking have you contributed to in the last month?

* 6. To what extent do you agree with the following?

  Strongly agree Agree In between Disagree Strongly disagree
I have found Cloudworks a useful tool
Using Cloudworks is enjoyable
Cloudworks is very usable
There is a sense of community on Cloudworks
I have found the content of the Clouds appropriate
The level of support given to use Cloudworks was good

* 7. Which of the following did you do?

* 8. Do you think Cloudworks will be useful to you in the future?

* 9. Do you have any other comments or suggestions to support the development of Cloudworks?

* 10. Our research is ongoing. Could we contact you about your use of Cloudworks in the future?