Public interest in Anglian York

The aim of this quick survey is to gather anonymous data regarding the level of popular awareness of, and interest in, the Anglian period in York. By taking part in the survey you consent to us using the data to compile a report into this subject, from which a summary of the findings will be made available on the website.

* 1. What three things do you associate with Medieval York (the period from the 5th - 16th century)?

* 2. Have you heard of Anglian York?

* 3. Are you surprised to learn that York was the greatest centre of learning in Europe in the 8th century - York's "Golden Age"?

* 4. Are you interested in why the Vikings attacked and conquered York?

* 5. Where else have you found information about York's history?

* 6. Would you like to learn more about York's Anglian era? Should more information be available?

* 7. Have you any other comments?

* 8. What is your nationality?