1. Project Description

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The Owner is defined as the entity that holds the ultimate decision making authority. This entity is responsible for establishing the basic objective of the project that will serve as the justification for securing funding for the project and will, upon completion of the project, own and operate the facility. Such an owner may rely upon another entity within or outside the organization to translate the basic objective into a scope, manage the cost and schedule and execution of the project. In many projects, the entity that bears the title and responsibility of “owner” will change throughout the life of the project.

* 1. Please enter a unique name for your project. This will serve as a reference name only.

* 2. Where was the location of your project?

* 3. What was the principle type of project?

* 4. What was the primary project nature?

* 5. What type of owner initiated the project?

* 6. The project used the following “Project Delivery System” or approach:

* 7. What was the predominant form of compensation between the owner and the constructor?

* 8. Perceived Project Complexity: Choose a value that you think best describes the level of complexity for this project as compared to projects within the same industry sector.

Low – Characterized by the use of proven technology, small number of process steps, small facility size or process capacity, previously used facility configuration or geometry, proven construction methods, etc.

High – Characterized by the use of unproven technology, an unusually large number of process steps, large facility size or process capacity, new facility configuration or geometry, new construction methods, multiple contracts, etc.

  Very Low Low Average High Very High

* 9. What was the initial authorized capital budget/funding for the project at commencement of the design development or equivalent phase?

* 10. What was your relationship, title or position concerning this project?

* 11. For which entity were you employed during this project?