* 1. Which of these online library services have you used? (Check as many as apply.)

* 2. The library is testing two new online resources, Mango Languages and A to Z the World.
Have you tried either or both?

* 3. If you have tried Mango Languages or A to Z the World, would you recommend the library add these to our collection?

* 4. If you have not tried the library's new online resources, what is the MAIN reason?

* 5. The library offers Atomic Training, online tech courses. Should the library also offer in-person, hands-on computer training?

* 6. What kind of in-person computer/tech courses would you like the library to offer? (Check as many as apply).

* 7. Which days of the week would you be able to attend a workshop at the Library? (Check as many as apply.)

* 8. Would you prefer to attend workshops in the morning, afternoon, or evening? (Check your FIRST choice.)

* 9. What kind of format would you like for library tech training?

* 10. Which technology devices do you currently use?