We're interested in better understanding how you're using the database feature today, and how it could be improved for your groups.

* 1. Do any of your groups use the database feature?

* 2. If any of your groups are using the database feature, how? (check all that apply)

* 3. For these groups, how important (in general) is the database feature?

* 4. Please tell us how important the following suggested improvements in the database feature would be for your group(s):

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
The ability to do advanced searches and sorts.
Increasing the maximum number of records per table (currently 10,000)
Increasing the number of maximum number of tables allowed (currently 10)
Offering a new permissions option that would allow members to only edit records they themselves have added (versus today's options of being able to edit all or none)
The ability to add HTML into entries (including automatically recognizing URLs as clickable links)
The ability to import a file to create a new table or to update an existing table
An export option that is not comma delimited
The ability to specify data and input types for specific fields (e.g. dates, addresses, phone numbers, dollar amounts, text boxes, etc.) rather than always having a one line text entry field.
The ability to manually set column widths
The ability to see information posted to the database in views beside a table view (e.g. a map view or list view).
Increasing the maximum number of columns per table (currently 10)
Special print friendly view
The ability to manually set the default order that rows in a table appear.
The ability to sum columns