2017 GFSD Bond Survey

Granite Falls School District (GFSD) is excited about the potential February 2017 Bond Initiative and we want to hear from you!

We have posted an interactive presentation on the GFSD home page http://www.gfalls.wednet.edu. Just click the buttons to navigate through the presentation and click the GFSD logo on the top right of each page if you wish to go back to the presentation's title page.

This initiative centers on three important areas supporting:

a) The security of our students, faculty, and staff at each of our five schools.

b) Modernizing our existing classroom with the addition of one classroom at the Granite Falls Middle School with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics "STEAM".

c) Completing the final phase of our Granite Falls High School stadium.

Within the survey, we ask that you let us know what you think, provide us with your suggestions, comments, and whether you wish to assist us in the process.

Thank you and we truly appreciate your time and thoughts.

* 1. Please provide us with your contact information if you wish for GFSD to provide you with additional information as released.

* 2. Do you believe modernizing the Granite Falls Middle School focusing on "STEAM" and security is valuable to our students?

* 3. Within the "STEAM" modernization project, would you like to see classrooms that are flexible and may be converted to a larger room as needed?

* 4. Do you believe the schools need to enhance their security measures?

* 5. The GFSD has self-funded the press box, concessions, ticket booth, scoreboard, lights, and 200 seat bleachers. Do you feel it would be beneficial to the students and community to install a covered, 2000 seat stadium that can support graduations, major events, and sporting activities?

* 6. Would you like to assist us with the planning and bond activities?

* 7. Can we contact you?