Geekeasy Derby Market Research Survey

2 minutes of your time would be very much appreciated in completing this short 10 question survey.

It's aim is to try and understand general awareness and perceptions surrounding Market Research to inform the short presentation Looking Glass Research will give to Geekeasy Derby on Thursday 6th June.

This survey and it's results are completely confidential and will only be used as part of the introduction to our presentation.

* 1. What is "Market Research"?

(Please write your answer in the box below)

* 2. Which of these statements best describe your perceptions of Market Research or how to conduct a Market Research project?
(Please select all that apply)

* 3. Have you ever conducted Market Research for your business or been involved in a Market Research project before?

(Please select ONE answer from the list below)

* 4. Can you briefly describe the research you previously conducted, the objectives, the methodology used and your experiences in using the findings - how did this impact your business, was it a positive experience, would you conduct market research again in the future?

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* 5. How do you think Market Research could help your business / the business you work for?

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* 6. Does your business / business you work for ever need to do any of the following?

(Please select all answers that apply)

* 7. How often do you think you or the business you work for relies on "gut instinct" to make commercial decisions?

This may be when launching a new product or service, considering marketing activity or when considering your pricing / brand identity etc?

(Please select ONE answer)

* 8. Does your business or the business you work for have a database of customer contact information?

(Please select ONE answer)

* 9. What do you think your business or the business you work for could do better to engage with your customers?

This could be anything from gathering feedback, producing marketing materials to communicate your business developments or promoting sales offers)

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* 10. Which of the following Market Research methodologies have you heard of before?

(Please select all answers that apply)