The Bloomington Food Policy Council (BFPC) was created in December 2010 and exists to increase and preserve access to sustainably produced, locally grown, healthful food for all residents in Monroe and surrounding counties. The goals of the BFPC include:

• Ensuring that everyone has access to high quality food
• Working to improve the sustainability of food production by increasing local production, promoting home gardens, and exploring alternative farming methods that improve stewardship of the land
• Encouraging collaboration between groups to improve food accessibility
• Lobbying local government to adopt a Food Charter and take steps towards a better community food supply

This survey aims to gather information on institutions and organizations within the community, such as nonprofits, food banks, schools, churches, etc. The data you provide will be used primarily by the BFPC. Information from the survey may also be used with individuals, classes, and groups engaged in food-related research projects pertaining to local food security. Completing this survey should take 10 minutes or less. Thank you for your time and willingness to participate in the Bloomington Food Policy Council survey!