Instructions for Completing this Questionnaire

STEP 1: Your questions about breast reconstruction

We are asking for your questions about breast reconstruction. When you answer, please:

•Think about your own personal and/or professional experience with breast reconstruction. Your experience is what makes you the expert.

•Provide the question(s) about breast reconstruction that are important to you.

•Research can cover a wide variety of topics including physical, mental, emotional and societal factors.

•Don’t worry about what box to write your question(s) in. Some of the questions might seem similar or overlap so please write your responses in any box you feel is appropriate.

•Write any question you feel is important regardless of if you think that someone else might ask them or that they may have already been answered.

STEP 2: Your information

We ask for some information about you so that we can understand who has responded to our questionnaire and make sure we hear from all groups.

STEP 3: Your contact information

The next phase of the study involves putting the research topics identified from this questionnaire into order of importance.
If you are interested in participating in this next phase of the study, you can provide your name and contact information.